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To empower people and communities to realize their full potential through the transformative wisdom and practice of yoga.

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Abhyanga and Ayurvedic Oils

Larissa Hall Carlson, Dean of the Kripalu School of Ayurveda, shares what oils we should use for Abhyanga (Ayurvedic self-massage).

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Joan Borysenko
August 22–24, 2014

A Women’s Spiritual Retreat
Learning How to Love Ourselves

Joan Borysenko and Karen Drucker
Learn to love who you are through music, meditation, reflection, inquiry, sharing, laughter, and compassion in this weekend retreat for women.
Learn More
Aruni Nan Futuronsky
September 29–November 14, 2014

Integrative Weight Loss: Living a Transformed Life
On-site and Online

Aruni Nan Futuronsky and Annie B. Kay
Our proven immersion retreat is now enhanced with six weeks of online learning—continued support and motivation to keep you on the path to achieving your health and weight-loss goals.
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Bo Forbes
September 5–7, 2014

Yoga for the Nervous System
Healing Anxiety, Insomnia, and Chronic Stress

Bo Forbes
Learn to integrate breathing exercises, postural adjustments, mindful yoga poses, and restorative postures into a therapeutically sustainable practice. Bo Forbes teaches ways to quiet the mind, energize the body, regulate emotions, cultivate fearlessness, and catalyze…
Learn More
Maria Sirois
September 7–12, 2014

Radiance: Create an Amazing Life After Cancer
Create an Amazing Life After Cancer

Maria Sirois and Aruni Nan Futuronsky
This transformational retreat is for men and women who are ready to dive in and create an amazing life full of healing and joy.
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Geneen Roth
October 10–12, 2014

Women, Food, and God
A Transformational Path

Geneen Roth
Learn to contact the part of yourself that is fresh and alive, change your relationship with food, and live the life you truly want.
Learn More
Tal Ben-Shahar
February 9, 2015–January 15, 2016

Certificate in Positive Psychology

Tal Ben-Shahar
There’s a scientific way to study happiness—it’s called Positive Psychology.
Learn More
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